by Aaron Pitt

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released August 1, 2010

I Wanna Thank The World For Harboring My Existence


Jay Ash



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Aaron Pitt Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Jay Ash (ft. PistolGrip) - So Far Away (Ango December Remix)
i been walkin so long in the dark all alone
followin my foot steps tryin to get home but
im so far away,
im so far away
i got my head in the clouds my hand on a star
im walkin on the moon it dont seem that far but
im so far away, im so far away

I ran from myself and I ran from the world
That sticky icky green kept my mind in a twirl
I ran from school and I ran from home
that stick icky green worked hard on my dome
i write to rhyme and i rhyme to express
all these deep thoughts that lurk in my chest
they say im not depressed and its just the side effects
when your mind intersects the green and neglects
the sanity thats left before becoming perplexed
see i inhale the success from which i transgressed
the life of excess its no more regress
but i must profess that i failed to repress
the anxiety and stress mary caused to coalesce
like a paper press they inscribe my family cress
now as i digress from all this distress
peace is addressed as i reach my life's crest

As i rise from the ashes i exhale the smoke
that left me paralyzed the last time we spoke
As i walk from the valley of the shadow of death
i look back on that hole that tried to claim my last breath
i move on with life and i see the light
no longer do i struggle, struggle with the fight
from under the weight of all that lost fake
from which id partake oh my hardest mistake
Now instead of one puff its 2 shots back
of the finest hard liquour you got on that rack
i drink to numb and i numb to hide
everything i wish that i'd just left behind
blindly i went back for just one last go
i thought itd get better the second time in a row
[and everything i do, everything i say
gets lost on the journey cuz im so far away]

Now im in the A and my wounds are all stitched
my heart beats harder than when i thought i loved that bitch
it was all just a glitch, now ive climbed out from that ditch
now i see the seasons and its so damn beatiful
this city's so apropos to my free flow
i'm just a joe blow that wants to hit the plateu
bask in that success i ask whats next
for me in this life of constant regrets
its one step forward but its two steps back
everyday i anticipate my looming heart attack
too much stress yah its fuckin up my mind
i pop two pills back, watch me shine
ive done all my dues ive washed off all that stench
now my soul grows deeper than the mariana trench
see as far as i run ill always be there
so far away yet im enprisoned by that nightmare
Track Name: Crystal Cofa
aepi til i die homie thats how we ride
from the AM to the PM you can see them boys fly
black on black attire, catch the young ladies eyes
and unline sigma nu we only rock blue ties
there they go, pack a bowl, sip a beer whatever,
prove untrue the blue, thats something these kids would never
wanna do, our debut at georgia state will not be severed
so them haters can say anything they want its whatever
whether we posted on campus, or chillin at the frat house
when we face a problem them apes will never back down
15 guys no doubt got my back now
when they see that black pin they like you in a frat now?
hell yes, what it do, aepi the hardest jews
if you think you got what it takes come on and join the crew
no it wont be easy if you think you ready follow me
for the good and welfare of the gamma alpha colony

better watch out everybody, here comes the large member
A E Pi till i die, man I'm bleeding blue forever
we just made it on our campus now we onto our next endeavor
2 successful rush classes then we gets our self a charter
we are spreading out on our campus, way faster than the swine flu
if your a sorority at ga state, believe we'll find you
parties every other month, of course they're at max's
it may be residential but three figures we are packing
5 o clock in class yeah this learning stuff is a bitch
6 o clock at the frat house I'm packing up our hits
7 o clock at sidebars we pounding back our fifths
8 o clock on Tuesdays yeah our meetings are the shit
if you got an announcement im here to send the text out
always paying attention is Feldman, he's writing shit down
then we've got Becker, he plays with our finances
and Avi and jonny to make sure were all advancing

we got jonny, max, and gelfond
neal becker and beckermon
feldman, slovin, augestein and morrison
shim, ishy, spector,
asher, joseph, pitt
cant deny that we fly ya u know them boys the shit
ya u know them boys the shit ya u know them boys the shit
a e pi til i die ya u know them boys the shit
ya u know them boys the shit ya u know them boys the shit
a e pi til i die who you think u fuckin wit
Track Name: Young Panther
Patty Cake Patty Cake Microwave
Track Name: RecklessEncore
ok they tellin me i spit that corny white boy flow
just wait until they see how far this white boy go
steady countin money ya that white boy dough
and while yall burnin mids im on that white boy dro
see i been rappin since gangsters was cool
now im on my lil wayne drizzy drake autotune
black chucks, fitted tees and skinny jeans
i got the game wrapped up call it silly string
young grip, the mixtape monster
always keep a couple frat boys on the roster
youn wanna get on the list well itll cost ya
be careful who you talkin to you better check ya posture
graduated hiphop, now he on that pop shit
ya he from the dirty but his resume spotless
still ima get the crowd rockin like a mosh pit
walkin from the clouds all the way to the office
L's to the head all the way the roaches
jackfront in the blunt keep my lungs frozen
yes, we out late til the places is closin
then its back to the estate where the gangsters are dozin
and please dont hate just because we the chosen
10 feet under water and you barely got ya toes in
u tryin act hard, dont even stand a chace
9-1-1 somebody better call the ambulance

[you say you want an encore]
[you say you want more]

See I gets money, money I's got
if your trying to stop my hustle than you bound to get shot
dropped flopped, end you with my lyrical content
this worlds kinda spherical, were bout to see who goes next
I guess the test is to see if I can run this place
the worlds all in my face, all i gotta do is concentrate
its time for me to celebrate, im bout to burn this place down
im packing pounds of herbal that came from the ground
im smoking like im proud man, working with my fam man
money keeps it moving man, cause life keeps happening
rapping with my bros now, they from my fraternity
aepi dem boyz the shit, yeah you might of heard of me
to you im known as neal, but to them the large member
it aint bout my dick, but that would be pretty clever
the girls they say they like it, that it cant get any better
so once they get me once, they be wanting me forever
never never I guess ill call the nuke in
25 girls in and I aint planned on stoppin
flopping dropping, cause im a dominator
and in the cod world im like Schwarzenegger
with my damn clan im like kobe with the lakers
so yeah I run this place, thats why shes calling me the mayor
I know you like my flavor, im rapping and a gamer
and im always at the top so aint no callin me a faker

[you say you want an encore]
[you say you want more]

where im from they call me sandy springs rude bwoy
if you aint from my city ya better move boy
hottest tracks on the streets is somethin i can prove boy
i got the game wrapped up like a new toy
and i aint never scurred, come from smokin hella herb
sittin in the studio hiphop developer
even when im not doin the rappin im involved
got the whole crew in line and we recordin hit songs
so why they still disrespectin my hustle
when i dont show nothin but love, guess its one life's puzzles
so while they judgin me they overlook the fact
that i write rap mix and master my own tracks
but i all i hear is young grip where ya beats from
and i aint to proud to tell em that i steal em
and if i made a single penny off my songs
every single major artist would sue me before long
my flow so hot that it blazin
place a grape on the track ill turn it into raisins
covering the spectrum from hood jams to ravin
aint a single megabye on my drive vacant
thats why live like every day is a vacation
twist another blunt up and put it in rotation
pour another cup up, go head get wasted
just keep in mind i wouldnt recommend testing my patience